Real Pool

Pick up a cue and play billiards in a virtual setting


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  • Category Sport
  • Program license Free
  • Version 1.0
  • Size 5.26 MB
  • Works under: Windows 2000
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Gametop

Real Pool is a windows PC game for those who enjoy playing virtual pool.

Real pool for Windows PC (compatible with most versions) offers players a chance to crack the balls and play a variety of styles of virtual 3D pool. It offers multiplayer and single player against the computer modes. Using the mouse as a pool stick, players can challenge a friend to join in or challenge themselves to higher scores through games against the computer. Real Pool gives players the option of 8 or 9 ball pool games, four pool rooms, and timed game options for points. Games included are Eight Ball, Nine Ball, Bumper Pool, Straight Pool, Rotation, and Carom.

Fans of actual pool will find enjoyable 3D graphics, interesting challenge games, various difficulty levels, and sharp sound effects. Players are able to communicate with each other, and the game relies on real-world physics to make the shots as close to life as possible. The graphics are in 3D which was a big deal at the time of its release. They are very realistic in the portrayal of a pool hall, its furniture, the balls, and the other players and spectators. Players can take a complete 360 degree turn as though looking around the local pool hall.

Opponents which are computer AI are variable - there is a total of 18 players at different levels of expertise. Profiles for each AI player are available to view in order to come up with a unique strategy. The game offers tools to help improve on shots and visualise the results of a move before taking it.

Recommended hardware for the game is: Windows 95/98/Me/00/XP with a DirectX compatible sound card; TCP/IP network connection; 50 MB hard disc space for installation and play; 32 MB RAM; a Pentium processor 90 Mhz or better. A mouse will be required for the pool stick; this is generally a matter of preference - track pads will work however. For multiplayer, both players must have the game installed and updated to the same level.

Released on 27 July 2006, Real Pool is the result of designers at Digital Fusion. Digital Fusion also produces a range of shooter and war games such as Tiger Hunt, Beach Head 2002 and Beach Head Desert War.


  • Exceptional graphics
  • Fun strategies
  • Tutorials


  • Graphics seem less 'real' than they did when the game was released
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